About Us


All DeKalb County Central United School District students will graduate ready to enroll, enlist, or be employable after succeeding in a first-class learning environment.


The DeKalb Central Foundation bridges students, alumni, and community with opportunities to fulfill our school district’s resource gaps and strengthen student success to build a healthy community.


1. Student Success – Helping students develop the attributes of Portrait of a Baron Graduate

2. Communication – Alumni and community knowledge and understanding of what is going on

in our schools

3. Alumni Relations – Fostering postsecondary connections and relations as well as honoring the

successes of our graduates

4. Community Relationships – Involved in philanthropy on behalf of the school district, support

financially through resources, and opportunities

5. Inclusiveness – Bridging our students, alumni, and community

6. Innovation – Supporting our schools with leading programs and resources


  • Facilitating community relationships on behalf of the local school district, resulting in increased community support for local school and students.

  • Raising financial support for the long-term enhancement and resource gaps of the school district.

  • Serving a wide range of stakeholders while functioning as a bridge between students, alumni, and community.

DHS Students