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DeKalb County Central Foundation



All DeKalb Central students will graduate ready to enroll, enlist, or be employed after succeeding in a first-class learning environment.


The DeKalb Central Foundation ignites the power of community support, connecting generous donors with opportunities to fulfill our school district’s resource gaps and strengthen student success.

DHS Students


1) We are DeKalb!

2) All DeKalb Central youth deserve maximum opportunity to fulfill their full potential and thrive in a high quality school district.

3) Academic success is a shared responsibility among students, families, teachers, administrators, and all community members.

4) A strong school foundation plus strong community support equals a strong school district.

5) Local employers, local property values, and the local economy also benefit when a school district is effective and students are successful.

6) Alumni can express their pride through ongoing support of the school district.

7) Philanthropy on behalf of the school district enhances and builds upon local, state, or federal funding.

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GOAL #1: The DeKalb Central School Foundation is a catalyst of community relationships on behalf of the DeKalb Central School District resulting in increased community support for local schools and students.

Objective #1: The school foundation cultivates and strengthens trusting relationships with the school board and school administrators to ensure full understanding of the district’s strengths and challenges while ensuring open and ongoing communication.

Objective #2: The school foundation promotes and participates in school district events to generate community support.

Objective #3: The school foundation participates in tours showcasing school district accomplishments while identifying school district needs.

Objective #4: The school foundation hosts a series of community events each year honoring students, faculty, administrators, and alumni – celebrating their achievements while continually promoting the DeKalb Central School District.

Objective #5: The school foundation implements a multi-channel public relations campaign through social and traditional media as well as through presentations at service clubs and other community organizations. All public relations efforts champion school district accomplishments and describe school district needs while identifying practical pathways for community engagement and support.

Objective #6: All promotional activities on behalf of the school district also enhance a clear identity for the DeKalb Central School Foundation as solely capable of fostering comprehensive community support for local schools and students.

GOAL #2: The DeKalb Central School Foundation fundraises financial support for the long-term enhancement of the school district and the school foundation.

Objective #1: The school foundation is the school district’s primary and strategic charitable partner, raising money from individuals, civic organizations, foundations, and the business sector.

Objective #2: The school foundation leads a responsive, objective, and impactful grant-making program, providing funding to schools, classrooms, teachers, and administrators to enhance student success.

Objective #3: The school foundation’s fundraising also supports at least one full-time staff position at the foundation, ensuring the foundation’s long-term durability and impact.

Objective #4: The school foundation celebrates and collaborates with all school district fundraising efforts, offering support as needed along with services such as tax deductions to donors for charitable gifts (consistent with state and federal law) as well as trustworthy money management services.

Objective #5: The school foundation’s enduring presence assures the stability and continuity of all fundraising on behalf of the school district including the cultivation of larger business gifts, charitable gifts from alumni, foundation grant proposals, and larger fundraising events.

Objective #6: All fundraising activities are assessed through clear and specific measurable outcomes that demonstrate the school foundation’s impact to donors, the school district, and the community at-large.

Objective #7: All funds raised or facilitated are managed professionally and ethically at the highest levels of security and integrity.

GOAL #3: The DeKalb Central School Foundation serves a wide range of stakeholders while serving as a bridge between community support and school district opportunities.

Objective #1: The school foundation serves the philanthropic intent of donors whose gifts provide invaluable financial support toward eliminating the school district’s resource gaps.

Objective #2: The school foundation fosters two-way communication with parents about school district needs while presenting opportunities for parents to strengthen the foundation’s promotional and fundraising efforts.

Objective #3: The school foundation encourages the creative participation of students whose philanthropic activities help the foundation reach strategic goals and objectives.

Objective #4: The school foundation welcomes volunteer engagement and charitable donations from school administrators, faculty, and staff.

Objective #5: The school foundation cultivates increased support from local businesses who benefit from an educated workforce as well as from the significant visibility provided by financially supporting the school district through the school foundation.

Objective #6: The school foundation creatively cultivates the passion of alumni who express their pride by supporting the public relations and fund development endeavors of the school foundation.

Objective #7: The school foundation continually explores avenues of collaboration with other community organizations interested in promoting and fundraising for the local school district.

GOAL #4: The DeKalb Central School Foundation is strengthened by talented people, supportive technology, and other resources essential for the school foundation and the school district to flourish.

Objective #1: The school foundation has an engaged board of directors, with all board members promoting the school district within their circles of influence, making annual donations to the foundation, and cultivating prospect lists of additional donors.

Objective #2: The school foundation is managed by at least one full-time staff person who is skilled in raising community support and charitable funding in fulfillment of the foundation’s strategy.

Objective #3: The school foundation serves as a model of volunteer recruitment, training, and engagement.

Objective #4: The school foundation employs useful technology; provides training and technical assistance to board, staff, and volunteers; and obtains all other resources associated with effective philanthropic organizations.