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The mission of DeKalb Central Foundation is to promote community and district alliance by generating resources that support intentional innovation initiatives of the DeKalb County Central United School District.

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The DeKalb Central Foundation extends heartfelt gratitude to Janelle Graber for her dedicated service on the Board. She has exemplified unwavering commitment and passion throughout her tenure. Her invaluable contributions have significantly enriched the educational landscape of DeKalb Central Schools.

During her tenure, Janelle has been an unwavering supporter of student scholarships, ensuring that deserving students have access to educational opportunities that will shape their future. Additionally, her tireless efforts in championing various educational initiatives have left a lasting impact on the entire DeKalb Central Schools community.

Reflecting on her time with the Foundation, Janelle expressed profound gratitude, noting that DeKalb Central Schools provided her with two of life's greatest blessings - her education and her husband. She fondly recalls the transformative role that the school district played in shaping her life and is deeply proud to have been a part of an organization that continues to positively impact countless students' lives.

As Janelle completes her quorum time with the Board, the DeKalb Central Foundation bids her farewell with deep appreciation for her unwavering dedication, passion, and leadership. Her legacy of service will continue to inspire others for years to come.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the DeKalb Central Foundation 50/50 Raffle at last night’s boys’ basketball game. Jamie Hines was the winner, and she donated her money to the DHS Cheerleaders!  Thank you, Jamie for your generosity! 


Thank you to everyone who participated in the DeKalb Central Foundation 50/50 Raffle at last night’s girls’ basketball game. The total raised was $350, and Angie and Tim Brown were the winners! They graciously donated their half back to the foundation to support DeKalb Central students and staff! 


Congratulations to the Class of 1966 on being the Graduating Class Winner! They raised the most money during the DHS Homecoming Game! The Class of 1966 has been added to the DCF Plaque outside of the DHS auditorium! Thank you, to everyone for participating!


The DeKalb Central Foundation is proudly hosting a "Class/Alumni Competition" between graduating classes. It is going on now through the DHS Homecoming Football Game on Friday, September 8th! The class that raises the most money will have the bragging rights of their class displayed on a plaque outside of the auditorium/main gym at DeKalb High School for many years to come!

Donate online at https://www.dekalbcentralfoundation.net/donate or in person at the September 8th Homecoming Game to show your pride! Be sure to put your Graduating Year in the comments section in the DCF PayPal. Last year, the Class of 1996 won. Let’s see who will win this year! The winning class will be announced Monday, September 11. 

Donations will go to the DeKalb Central Foundation and will be used to bridge the gaps and assist with student & teacher needs in the district. Examples of some of the previous work the DeKalb Central Foundation has done is support DeKalb Central Teacher Professional Development, DHS Senior Scholarships, Applied Skills Classes, Baron Friends Club, DMS Sensory Program, Elementary Physical Education Classes, and Books for Elementary School Libraries, and much more. To learn more about the Foundation, visit https://www.dekalbcentralfoundation.net/.

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for updates! Let's go, Baron Nation!

The DeKalb Central Foundation (DCF) extends its gratitude to the gracious sponsors, donors, and participants who wholeheartedly supported the highly successful DeKalb Central Foundation Golf Outing held on July 21, 2023. This exceptional event brought together members of the DeKalb County Central United School District community, alumni, and dedicated supporters all with the common goal of strengthening student success and building a healthy community. Together, the DeKalb Central Foundation raised a grand total of $25,129.89. 

The DeKalb Central Foundation is driven by its vision to see every DeKalb County Central United School District student graduate ready to enroll, enlist, or be employable. The foundation strives to bridge resource gaps within the DeKalb County Central United School District. We firmly believe that providing a first-class learning environment and fostering opportunities for growth are essential for our students' future success.

Over the past year, the Foundation has diligently allocated the proceeds from the golf outing and other various fundraisers to a range of impactful initiatives. Among these projects was financial support for professional development in Project Based Learning for both DeKalb Middle School and DeKalb High School teachers. This training empowers our educators to create student-centered learning opportunities that challenge students to solve real-world problems in our community while honing their Portrait of a Baron competencies and promoting STEM and STEAM initiatives.

Additionally, the Foundation was able to provide three $800 scholarships to deserving DeKalb High School seniors. These scholarships were allocated to students continuing their education after high school, those embarking on a journey in the military, and individuals pursuing their chosen career path directly after graduation. The DCF firmly believes in nurturing the aspirations of our students, no matter the path they choose.

Further demonstrating our commitment to supporting academic and personal growth, the Foundation financially supported DeKalb High School's DNT Freshman Consumer Communications Class. By purchasing the students' books based on the Portrait of a Baron Graduate Competencies/Attributes, the DCF empowered these young minds to engage with elementary students, reinforcing the essential values of the Portrait of a Baron Graduate.

In line with the dedication to inclusivity and community integration, the Foundation also supported DeKalb High School's Baron Friends Club for a holiday activity. The Baron Friends Club plays an instrumental role in fostering meaningful connections between students with and without disabilities, promoting empathy, understanding, and acceptance.

Moreover, the Foundation purchased equipment to create and provide a sensory program at DeKalb Middle School, catering to the diverse needs of all students. This initiative reflects our commitment to ensuring an inclusive and supportive environment that fosters the growth of each individual.

Lastly, the DCF provided much-needed lice treatments for families in our community, ensuring that students faced with such challenges receive the support they need to thrive academically and personally.

To its valued sponsors, none of these achievements would have been possible without your unwavering support and generous contributions. Your belief in our vision has allowed us to make a significant impact on the lives of DeKalb Central students, empowering them to reach their full potential.

As we move forward, the DeKalb Central Foundation is committed to continuing its support for the DeKalb Central School District and its remarkable students. Together, they will create a brighter and more promising future for our community.

We once again extend our deepest appreciation to all sponsors, volunteers, participants, and stakeholders who made the Golf Outing a grand success. Your dedication is an inspiration to us all.

We Are DeKalb!

Diamond Sponsor: 

Ambassador Enterprises

Gold Sponsors:

Godfathers MC Charities

Fort Wayne Mold & Engineering

Propane People

Jeremy & Katie Pfister

Susan & Jeff Turner

Garmann Miller

Weigand Construction

Silver Sponsor:

Heidtman Steel

Bronze Sponsors:

Trine University

Smiles for Life

The DeKalb Central Foundation is honored to provide financial support for professional development in Project Based Learning to middle and high school teachers. 

The training will enable teachers to create student-centered learning opportunities for students that challenge them to solve real-world problems in our community while growing their Portrait of a Baron competencies and STEM and STEAM initiatives.


The DeKalb Central Foundation is thrilled to announce the recipients of the DeKalb Central Foundation Scholarship. Lionel Cox, Jocelyn Lumpkins, and Ethan Arnett have each been awarded $800 to support their future endeavors and academic pursuits.

Lionel Cox, a DeKalb High School student enrolled in IMPACT Institute, has been granted an $800 scholarship for his dedication to the workforce. Currently engaged in an internship, Lionel aspires to pursue a career in construction.

Jocelyn Lumpkins, a DeKalb High School student, has been awarded an $800 scholarship in recognition of her commitment to pursuing a career in Elementary Education. Jocelyn will be attending Indiana University in the fall, where she will major in Elementary Education. This scholarship will support Jocelyn's educational journey and enable her to make a positive impact on future generations as an elementary school teacher.

The DeKalb Central Foundation is honored to grant Ethan Arnett an $800 scholarship to support his transition into the Military upon graduating from DeKalb High School. Ethan has chosen to serve his country by joining the Army, where he will embark on a courageous path of dedication and service.

"We are delighted to recognize Lionel Cox, Jocelyn Lumpkins, and Ethan Arnett as recipients of the DeKalb Central Foundation Scholarship," said Mike Watson, President of the DeKalb Central Foundation. "We are confident that these scholarships will play a vital role in shaping their future successes, and we wish them the very best in their respective endeavors."

The DeKalb Central Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students, so they will graduate ready to enroll, enlist, or be employable after succeeding in a first-class learning environment. They are committed to bridging students, alumni, & the community with opportunities to fulfill DeKalb County Central United School District’s resource gaps and strengthen student success to build a healthy community.

The DeKalb Central Foundation is proud to financially support DeKalb New Tech’s Freshmen Consumer Communications Class in the making of their Portrait of a Baron Competencies Books.  DHS students made a separate book for each of the seven competencies: communication, adaptability, collaboration, empathy, integrity, & critical thinking. 

Then, students read the books to Country Meadow and Waterloo Elementary students!  All seven books will be kept in the libraries of all four elementary schools as a resource for teachers. 


The DeKalb Central Foundation was thrilled to financially support DeKalb High School & DeKalb Middle School students and staff! These students learned a lot & had a great time bowling and eating lunch at Paradise Buffet yesterday!  

We are proud to be able to provide students with these great opportunities to learn and grow!


Join us for the 2023 DeKalb Central Foundation Golf Outing on Friday, July 21st, 2023 at Bridgewater Golf Course!  Your participation will help support DeKalb Central Schools.

Please browse through our opportunities as we are in need of players and sponsors. EVERYONE is welcome!

We are looking forward to a GREAT day of golf, friends, and family!

Register NOW!

The DeKalb Central Foundation supports the DeKalb Middle School's sensory program! The purpose of the sensory program is to provide tools for ALL students to help them remain focused and on task in class. The funds from the foundation provided sensory toolboxes for every classroom, a sensory path for brain breaks, alternative seating options (wobble chairs, ball chairs, etc.), and specialized sensory equipment for students with specific sensory needs. 

The DeKalb Central Foundation is proud to financially support DHS's Baron Friends Club for a holiday activity. Baron Friends Club matches students with and without disabilities to do activities together. Students rotated through four stations--Christmas cookie decorating, making an ornament craft, Christmas BINGO, and a game involving unwrapping many layers of wrapping paper! 

Congratulations to the DHS Class of 1996 for being the Graduating Class (Class Wars) Winners! They will have their graduation class on a plaque to be displayed at the newly renovated football stadium for years to come!  Thank you to all who donated!  We greatly appreciate your support!

This morning the DeKalb Central Foundation had the privilege of awarding a DHS Senior a $1,000 scholarship. After careful consideration and many excellent applications, the DCF grant committee choose Joseph Haupert as their recipient! Joe plans on attending Ball State this fall. Congratulations Joe! 🎓🎓🎓 

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's DeKalb Central Foundation Gold Outing.  It was a wonderful day be spend with family, friends, and community!

Shoutout to our generous sponsors: the Community Foundation of DeKalb County, Garmann Miller, Steve & Tammy Teders, Emcor, Weigand Construction, Buhr Construction, Mefford, Weber & Blythe, C & M Heating and Plumbing, Oak Partners, Inc., Elevatus Architecture, and Acorn Distributors / 3M

Congratulations to our 1st place team, Weber Team #2, in the DCF Golf Outing! Their team was made up of Finchum, Lees, Boyd, and Weicht. They each won a Contigo spill proof coffee mug and a $25 Meijer gifts card!

Shoutout to the DMS team for coming in second in today’s DCF Golf Outing!  The team consists of Brett Eltzroth, Logan Williams, Kalib McKown, & Kraig Akey. They each won a Baron logo Igloo travel tumbler and 20 lbs free propane tank fill from Gibson's Heating & Plumbing!

Congratulations to the Roger Marley Team for placing third in the DeKalb Central Foundation Golf Outing today!  The team members were Roger Marley, Jamie Marley, Allison Lockwood, and Chase Lockwood. Each player won a Baron logo tumblers and Titleist golf balls!

Shoutout to Allison Lockwood for winning the longest drive at today’s DCF Golf Outing!  She won a 60 minute massage from Karmen Casey at BodywoRx in Auburn.  Congratulations!

Congratulations to Cody Burniston for winning closest to the pin today at the DCF Golf Outing!  He won a large gift basket from the American Dairy Association.


Please help the DeKalb Central Foundation reconnect with past graduates from DeKalb High School, Auburn High School, Ashley High School, and Waterloo High School. The DeKalb Central Foundation (DCF) exists to support the students and staff at DeKalb Central Schools.

Please complete the below link to help them strengthen ties between alumni, the community, and DeKalb County Central United School District. DCF is looking forward to hearing from you and building a strong connection!

Please share to help the foundation reach as many people as possible! #WeAreDeKalb 


Congratulations to Zach Potter for winning the DeKalb Central Foundation 50/50 Raffle held on December 6th! 

Thank you to everyone who participated and supports DeKalb Central Schools! 


Thank you to everyone who participated in the DeKalb Central Foundation 50/50 Raffle! Congratulations to our winner, Randy Deetz! We appreciate your support in assisting DeKalb Central students and staff! #WeAreDeKalb 

Thank you to all who attended the DeKalb Central Foundation Golf Outing!  It was such beautiful day to enjoy friends and family while supporting our schools.   Check out our pictures!  

The DeKalb Central Foundation gives back by donating items for the awesome basket to be auctioned off this Sunday for DeKalb Special Olympics. A special thanks to Janelle Graber and Ann Long for helping make all of the details look great!! 

Thank you for everyone's support of the DeKalb Central Foundation Raffle! It was a great success! 

Congratulations to our DeKalb Central Foundation Raffle Prize Winners!

1st Place Winner - Bob Glick - LD UHD TV

2nd Place Winner - Rick Rudolph - 32GB Apple iPad 

3rd Place Winner - Kelli Lear -  Echo Dot

A shout out to the DHS cheerleaders for helping the DCF sell tickets.  Thank you to Beacon Credit Union for the donation of the TV and to the DCF Board Members for the donation of the Apple iPad and the Echo Dot.    We appreciate everyone's support and for purchasing the raffle tickets.

The DeKalb Central Foundation would like to thank Tri Kappa of Auburn for their generous donation to the DeKalb Central nurses! 

Mrs. Pfeffer and Mr. Watson holding the calculators

The DeKalb Central Foundation would like to thank Mike Watson of Teghtmeyer Ace Hardware for the donation of 40 calculators to DeKalb High School.   We truly appreciate your help and support!

Carrie Dunn presenting the Graphing calculators provided by the DeKalb Central Foundation

DeKalb High School's Math Department Chair, Carrie Dunn is honored to accept 4 Texas Instrument-89 Graphing Calculators purchased by the DeKalb Central Foundation with a donation from Beacon Credit Union.  

Currently, the DHS math department has approximately 100 students taking an Advance Placement or Dual Credit math course that requires the use of this type of calculator.  

Many thanks to Beacon Credit Union and the DeKalb Central Foundation! 

DeKalb Central teachers love their supplies from the foundation!

We love supporting DeKalb Central teachers and students in various ways. Sponsoring the Teacher Resource Store is just one of many ways we are able to accomplish our goal!